Tsinghua University (TSINGHUA )

  • Tsinghua University (TSINGHUA )

    Tsinghua University (TSINGHUA )

    Total Students: 37,650
    International Students: 2,263
    Address: Tsinghua University, Haidian District, Beijing

    Tsinghua University is the best university in China and even one of the top universities in Asia. The university has 14 schools and 56 departments with faculties in science, engineering, humanities, law, medicine, history, philosophy, economics, management, education and art. As one of China’s most renowned universities, Tsinghua has become an important institution for fostering talent and scientific research.

    Chinese Language Program

    Tuition fee: RMB 12600 (per semester); RMB 25200 (per year)


    Undergraduate Programs

    Unit: RMB Yuan
    Tuition Fee (Per Year) Science, Engineering, Architecture (5 years) 30,000.00
    Economics, Management 26,000.00
    Law, Journalism, Psychology, Experimental Class of Humanities & Social Sciences 26,000.00
    Other Programs of Humanities & Social Sciences 24,000.00
    Fine Arts 40,000.00

    Graduate Programs

    Tuition Fee of Graduate Programs in Chinese

    Unit: RMB Yuan
    Master Programs Doctoral Programs
    Tuition Fee Science, Engineering 33,000/Year 40,000/Year
    Economics Management,
    Public Management
    30,000/Year 40,000/Year
    Law, Journalism,Humanities,
    Social Sciences
    28,000/Year 32,000/Year
    Arts 45,000/Year 50,000/Year
    MBA 188,000 (Full program)
    Master in Finance 78,000 (Full program)

    Tuition Fee of Master Programs in English

    Unit: RMB Yuan
    Tuition Fee Sciences, Engineering 39,000/Year
    International Relations 30,000/Year
    Global Business Journalism 30,000/Year
    Architecture 120,000 (Full program)
    MID 120,000 (Full program)
    ICPM 158,000 (Full program, including
    accidental injury and hospitalization insurance)
    LL.M 146,000 (Full program)
    IMBA 188,000 (Full program)

    Application Fee

    Language program: USD 65
    Degree program: USD 100


    Bachelor Degree Programs

    Artistic Design
    Automatic Manufacturing and Control Technology
    Biological Science
    Biomedical Engineering
    Building Environmental and Equipment Engineering
    Business Administration-Accounting
    Business Administration-Information Management and Information Systems
    Chemical Engineering and Industrial Biological Engineering
    Chinese Language and Literature
    Civil Engineering
    Computer Science and Technology
    Computer Software
    Economics and Finance
    Electrical Engineering and Automation
    Electronic Information Sciences
    Energy, Power Systems and Automation
    Environmental Engineering
    Experimental Class of Humanities
    Experimental Class of Social Sciences
    Experimental Class of Social Sciences-Psychology
    History of Art
    Hydraulic and Hydropower Engineering
    Industrial Engineering
    Journalism and Communication
    Materials Science and Engineering
    Mathematics and Applied Mathematics
    Mechanical Engineering and Automation
    Plastic Arts
    Polymer Materials and Engineering
    Project Management
    Vehicle Engineering

    Master Degree Programs (taught in English)

    Advanced Computing
    Engineering International Construction and Project Management (ICPM)
    Environmental Engineering and Management
    Global Business Journalism
    International Master in Business Administration (IMBA)
    International Relations
    Law Program (LL.M. Program) in Chinese Law (1 year)
    Management Science and Engineering
    Mechanical Engineering
    Public Administration in International Development

    Zijing International Student Apartment (On-Campus Accommodation)

    Run by the Property Management Center of Tsinghua University, the Zijing(Redbud)students dormitories offer three types of rooms to international students. The room information is listed below:

    Type Price Facilities
    Single Room RMB 80yuan / day Private bathroom/toilet
    AB Double Room RMB 80 yuan / day Shared bathroom/toilet
    Double Room RMB 40 yuan / day Public bathroom
    * All the rooms are furnitured with air-conditioning, telephone, color TV and internet access.

    The prices listed above may be subject to change by the Zijing Property Management Center.

    Prior to entrance registration at FSAO, new students may apply for dormitory accommodation at the reception desk of Zijing Building 19. The Admission Notice issued by the Foreign Student Affairs Office and the passport are required. The reception desk serves 24 hours a day, and the phone number is +86-10-51535500.

    The reception desk accepts RMB cash, and credit card/debit card.

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