Sun Yat-sen University (SYSU)

  • Sun Yat-sen University (SYSU)

    Sun Yat-sen University (SYSU)

    Sun Yat-sen University, originally known as Guangdong University, was founded in 1924 by Dr. Sun Yat-sen (also called Sun Zhongshan), a great democratic revolutionary leader of the 20th century. The university is one of the leading universities in the People’s Republic of China which is a comprehensive multi-disciplinary university. It is located in Guangzhou, the capital of Guangdong Province, an area neighboring Hong Kong and Macao.

    Tuition of Chinese Language Program:
    Tuition: RMB 8,700 ( 1 semester) ; RMB 17,400 ( 1 year )
    Learning Materials: According to the book prices.

    Fees for Liberal Arts & Natural Science Programs in Guangzhou South Campus

    Categories Undergraduate Non-degree general advanced students M.A. candidates Ph.D. candidates Non-degree senior advanced students
    Tuition Per Year Liberal Arts 18,200 17,400 21,600 25,600 22,400
    Natural Science 21,600 24,000 27,400 40,000 27,400
    Examination Fee Postgraduate applicants have to pay RMB 540 as the examination fee

    MBA programs
    RMB 90,000 per academic year

    Fees for Medical Sciences in Guangzhou North Campus

    Categories Under-graduate Non-degree general advanced students M.A. candidates Ph.D. candidates Non-degree senior advanced students
    Tuition Per Year 33,300 33,300 41,600 50,000 41,600


    Chinese (as a Foreign Language)
    Administrative Management
    Applied Chemistry
    Applied Chemistry (Biochemistry)
    Applied Meteorology
    Applied Psychology
    Archives Science
    Art Design
    Atmospheric Science
    Biomedical Engineering
    Biotechnology & Application
    Business Administration
    Business English
    Chemical Engineering & Techniques
    Chinese Language and Literature
    Civil Engineering
    Clinical Medicine
    Communication Engineering
    Computer Science and Technology
    Convalescent Therapeutics
    Corporate Finance and Investment
    Digital Media Design
    Earth Information Science
    Electronic Information Science and Technology
    Electronics Business
    English Language and Literature
    Environmental Engineering
    Environmental Science
    Finance Management
    French Language and Literature
    Geographical Information System
    German Language and Literature
    Health Care for Children and Women
    Health Management
    Heat Energy & Dynamical Engineering (Liquefied Natural Gas Utilization & Urban Gas Technology)
    Hotel Management
    Hydrology & Water Resources Engineering
    Information & Computational Science
    Information Management and Information System
    Information Safety
    International Business & Trade
    International Politics
    Japanese Language and Literature
    Korean Language and Literature
    Library Science
    Logistics Management
    Material Chemistry
    Material Physics
    Mathematics & Applied Mathematics
    Medical Imaging
    Medical Jurisprudence
    Medical Nutrition
    Medical Verification
    Network Engineering
    Ophthalmologic Vision Optics
    Optical information Science and Technology
    Pharmaceutical Science
    Political Science and Public Administration
    Polymer Material & Engineering
    Preventive Medicine
    Public Policies
    Public Relations
    Resource Environment & Urban and Rural Planning and Administration (Economic Geography and Urban & Rural Planning)
    Risk Management and Insurance
    Science in Nursing
    Social work
    Software Engineering
    Spanish Language and Literature
    Theoretical & Applied Mechanics
    Tourism Management
    Traffic Engineering (Intellectualized Traffic)
    Traffic Engineering (Urban Traffic Construction)
    Urban Planning


    (1) There are two International Student Dormitory (ISD) buildings on the Guangzhou South Campus and one building on the Guangzhou North Campus.

    Dorm Price (in RMB per person) Note Facilities
    ISD on the Guangzhou South Campus
    For long-term students (referring to those registered to study for at least one semester)
    Air-conditioned Single Room 1,650 per month;
    55 per day
    1. The monthly bills for electricity, telephone and cable.
    2. TV is not included in the room rate and the room rate for at least 5 months will be collected at one time.
    3. The student will have to pay a deposit of RMB 1,000 when he or she checks in.
    1. Each room has its own bathroom with a hot-water shower, and is well-furnished internet socket, telephone and air-conditioner.
    2. At the dormitory, other facilities are also provided for the students, such as public washing machines, TV room, reading-room, gym, billiards and table tennis room.
    Air-conditioned Double Room 1,050 per month;
    35 per day
    ISD on the Gaungzhou North Campus Air-conditioned Single Room 1,200 per month The room rate will be collected for at least 6 months or above at one time and RMB 300 is paid for deposit.
    Air-conditioned Double Room 650 per month

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