Nankai University (NANKAI)

  • Nankai University (NANKAI)

    Nankai University (NANKAI)

    Total Students: 22,989
    International Students: 2,397
    Address: No. 94 Weijin Road, Naikai District, Tianjin City, China

    As one of the best universities Nankai University is a key multidisciplinary and research-oriented university directly under the jurisdiction of the Ministry of Education and equipped with top academic capability and creative spirit, and this 1919 founded university is the center for both education and academic research. Nankai University will be a very good choice of your China-abroad study


    Type of Students Application  Fee Tuition Note
    Chinese language course RMB400 Primary class (basic class):

    RMB5000 per semester

    If study different level class in one year, tuition reference to short-term cost of tuition fee. Charges by the semester
    secondary class: RMB6000 per semester
    High-level class:RMB7000 per semester
    Undergraduate RMB400

    Registration fee: RMB300

    Literal,economics,management: RMB20000 for one year
    Science and Engineering: RMB25000 for one year
    Medicine and Arts: RMB35000 for one yearMBBS (6 years taught in English): RMB60000 for one year
    Includes a long-distance practice teaching of China within the 4 year program
    Graduate Program RMB400 All taught in Chinese (3 years): RMB26000 for one year

    International Economics and Business (2 years in English): RMB69000

    IMBA (2 years in English): RMB75000 for one year


    International Medicine MBBS
    Applied Chemistry
    Applied Physics
    Applied Psychology
    Archive Science
    Artistic Designing
    Biological Science
    Business Administration
    Chinese Language (Chinese Language Oriented)
    Chinese Language (Chinese Language Oriented)
    Chinese Language (Trade and Economy Oriented)
    Chinese Language (Trade and Economy Oriented)
    Chinese Literature
    Clinical Medicine
    Communication Engineering
    Computer Science and Technology
    Electronic and Information Science
    Electronic and Information Science and Technology
    Electronic Commerce
    Environmental Engineering
    Environmental Science
    Financial Engineering
    Financial Management
    General Administration
    Human Resource Management
    Industrial Engineering
    Information and Computing Science
    Information Management & Information System
    Information Security
    International Accounting
    International Economics & Trade
    International Politics
    Library Science
    Logistics Management
    Material Chemistry
    Material Physics
    Mathematics and Applied Mathematics
    Molecular Science and Engineering
    Optical Information Science and Technology
    Optoelectronic Science and Technology
    Political Science & Public Administration
    Public Finance
    Science of Religion
    Social Work
    Software Engineering
    Statistical Sciences
    Tourism management
    World History


    On-campus living is a nice option for new students. Access to international student’s dormitory and cafeteria is considerable convenient to the students’ life and study. All dormitory buildings offer hotel type room service and different type of cuisine. There are also book stores, convenient shops, restaurants, post office, banks around the campus.

    Name of Dormitory Fees
    No.4 Building Yi Yuan Single Room: RMB 120-130 / day / person; Double Room: RMB 60-65 / day
    No.2 Building Yi Yuan Single Room: RMB 100-110 / day / person; Double Room: RMB 50-55 / day / person
    Nankai Aichi Guest House Single Room: RMB 120-130 / day / person; Double Room: RMB 60-65 / day / person

    Facilities: Telephone, Air-conditioner, Washing room, Simple furniture and  other facilities. Because of the hotel management, students can move into the dormitory only with a bag. Besides, the dormitory buildings are well equipped with canteens, shops, public telephones and washing machines.
    If there is a change in accommodation fee, the final one you are told when register shall prevail.

    Note: All the fees above we only accept RMB in cash and are for reference and the specific fees are available on registration. Students are bound to pay at least three-moth accommodation fees for the first time.

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