Fudan University (FUDAN)

  • Fudan University (FUDAN)

    Fudan University (FUDAN)

    Total Students: 52,681
    International Students: 2,812
    Address: No.220, Handan Road, Yangpu District, Shanghai City, China

    Some say Shanghai is like New York, others say Shanghai is like Hong Kong. But actually, Shanghai is just Shanghai, the economic center of China and its most international city. Some say that Fudan University is the Peking University of southern China – the school’s standards are obviously outstanding. The atmosphere is tolerant, with a multicultural feel and atmosphere.

    Application fee

    None-Degree Students Degree Students
    400 RMB 800 RMB

    Tuition(calculated in RMB for one year)

      Liberal Arts Natural Sciences Medicine /Arts
    Undergraduate Students 23000 RMB per year 26000 RMB per year 42000 RMB per year
    Master’s Degree Programs 26000 RMB per year 30000 RMB per year 48000 RMB per year
    MBBS – English Taught (6 years) 75000 RMB per year
    Fudan MBA (2 & a half years) Fudan MBA: 143000 RMB (in total)
    International MBA (2 Years) International MBA (Taught in English): 157000 RMB (in total)
    English-Taught Master Programs (2 years) Chinese Politics & Diplomacy: 50000 RMB per year

    Chinese Language & Culture: 50000 RMB per year

    Chinese History & Culture: 50000 RMB per year

    Chinese Society:  50000 RMB per year

    Chinese Economy: 50000 RMB per year

    LLM: 160000 RMB

    Global Media and Communication: 80000 RMB per year

    Long-term language students 21000 RMB per year; 10500 RMB per semester
    Preparatory Program (Intensive)

    Preparatory Program (Regular)

    16000 RMB per 12 Weeks 32 Class Hrs/Wk
    12500 RMB per semester; 25000 RMB per year


    Clinical Medicine (MBBS in English)
    Applied Chemistry
    Biological Science
    Biological Technology
    Business Administration
    Business Chinese
    Chinese Language and Culture
    Clinical Medicine (5 years)
    Communication Engineering
    Computer Science and Technology
    Electrical Engineering and Its Automation
    Electronic and Information Science and Technology
    Electronic Science and Technology
    Environmental Science
    General Administration
    Information and Computing Science
    International Economics and Trade
    International Politics
    Management Science and Engineering
    Material Chemistry
    Material Physics
    Mathematics and Applied Mathematics
    Optical Information Science and Technology
    Political Science and Public Administration
    Polymer Materials and Engineering
    Preventive Medicine
    Public Finance
    Radio and Television Science
    Software Engineering
    Theoretical and Applied Mechanics
    Tourism Management


    On campus accommodation(calculated in RMB for one person one day)

    Han Dan Campus long term students short term students holiday special price
    Maing.Bldg.Double Room 55 RMB/day/person 70 RMB/day/person
    Maing.Bldg.Single Room 80 RMB/day/person 100 RMB/day/person 40 RMB/day/person
    Sub.Bldg.Single Room 45 RMB/day/person 25 RMB/day/person
    Feng Lin Campus long term students short term students
    Double Room 45 RMB/day/person 45 RMB/day/person
    Single Room 60 RMB/day/person 70 RMB/day/person 30 RMB/day/person
    Facilities: private bathroom, air-con, telephone, and Internet access.
    Beddings will be provided for short-term students only.


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