Donghua University (DHU)

  • Donghua University (DHU)

    Donghua University (DHU)

    Total Students: 30,000
    International Students: 4,003
    Address: 1882 Yan’an Road West, Shanghai, China

    Known as the cradle for textile professionals in China, Donghua University has been a state-key university since 1960 and was one of the first educational institutions in China authorized to confer degree.The leading disciplines are Fashion Design, Textile Engineering, International Trade, etc. In addition, Donghua University has established cooperative relationships with more than 60 higher education institutions as well as well-known enterprises around the world. Overseas students from 83 countries have graduated from the university.


    Long-term Comprehensive Chinese Program(Above 16)

    Duration of Study Class hrs/wk Tuition Fee
    1 Semester 20 RMB 9,200
    1 Year 20 RMB 18,000

    Bachelor’s Degree Programs in English

    With the exception of the 6th Installment of AUD 8,300 which is payable directly to Raffles College of Design and Commerce (RCDC), all the other fees such as application fees, tuition fees, insurance in China, will be paid to CIP directly.

    Bachelor of Economics in International Trade (BIT) Feb/Sep 3-4 years RMB 50,000 per year
    Bachelor of Management in Business Administration (BBA) Feb/Sep 3-4 years RMB 50,000 per year


    Application Fee RMB 800
    Tuition Fee
    Semester Fee
    1st Semester RMB 25,000
    2nd Semester RMB 25,000
    3rd Semester RMB 25,000
    4th Semester RMB 25,000
    5th Semester RMB 25,000
    6th Semester AUD 8,300 and RMB 5,000
    7th Semester RMB 25,000
    8th Semester RMB 25,000
    Textbooks and Supplies RMB 400 per semester

    Bachelor’s Degree Programs in Chinese

    Artistic majors (Artistic Design, Digital Media Art, Animation, and Technology & Art of Exhibition): RMB 26000 /academic year
    RMB 22000 /academic year for other majors

    Master’s Degree Programs

    Master Program in Study of Design Art: RMB 28000/academic year
    Master Program in other majors: RMB 26000/academic year

    Master Program in English: RMB 40000/academic year

    Textbook Fees

    About RMB 500/academic year

    Bachelor Degree Programs

    Chinese Language
    Artistic Design (Fashion & Artistic Design)
    Artistic Design (Industrial Design)
    Artistic Design (Environmental Artistic Design)
    Artistic Design (Public Arts)
    Artistic Design (New Media Art)
    Artistic Design (Textile & Artistic)
    Administrative Management
    Applied Chemistry
    Applied Physics (Plasma Physics & New Energy Source Technology
    Building Environment & Equipment Engineering
    Business Administration
    Communications Engineering
    Composites Materials & Engineering
    Computer Science & Technology
    Construction Environment & Equipment Engineering
    Digital Media Art
    Educational Technology (Media-making & Communication)
    Electrical Engineering & Automatization
    Electro-optic Information Science & Technology
    Electronic Commerce
    Electronic Information Engineering
    Energy & Environmental System Engineering
    English Language & Literature
    Environmental Engineering
    Environmental Science
    Fashion Design & Engineering
    Financial Management
    Functional Materials
    Industrial Design (Products Design, Design Management)
    Information Management & Information System
    Information Safety
    Inorganic Non-metal Material Engineering
    International Economy & Trade
    Japanese Language and Literature
    Logistic Management
    Mathematics & Applied Mathematics (Financial Engineering)
    Mechanical Engineering & Automatization ( Machine Design & Theory, Machinery Manufacturing & its Automation, Mechatronical Engineering, Precision Instrument & Machinery, Curtain Wall Engineering & Machinery)
    MICE Economy & Management
    Network Engineering
    Non-woven Materials & Engineering
    Optoelectronic Technology Science
    Polymer Materials & Engineering
    Public Relations
    Software Engineering
    Technology & Art of Exhibition
    Textile Engineering (Technical Design of Textiles, Textile Testing & Business, Textile Designing, Textile & International Trade, Integration of Textile Mechanics and Electrics)
    Tourism Management


    Indoor: bathroom, furniture, bedding, A/C, telephone, fridge, TV set, Internet jack
    On Floors: washing machines, cold/hot water dispenser, electromagnetic stoves, microwave oven, etc.
    Public Area: professional laundry service, Café, study lounge

    Room Type Room
    Room Fee/Semester
    (140 days)
    Room Size (m2)
    A Single Room CNY 95/person CNY 13,300/person 20
    B Double Room CNY 50/person CNY 7,000/person 20
    C Multiple Room
    (shared by 3-4 persons)
    CNY 35/person CNY 4,900/person 27

    Deposit RMB400 deposit for room key and facilities. The deposits and 1-month rent (for self-support students) being paid, the key and remote controllers will be provided.

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