China Pharmaceutical University (CPU)

  • China Pharmaceutical University (CPU)

    China Pharmaceutical University (CPU)

    Total Students: 13,640
    International Students: 120
    Address: No. 24 Tongjiaxiang, Nanjing, Jiangsu Province, P.R. China

    China Pharmaceutical University (CPU) is located in Nanjing, the “ancient capital city of six dynasties” in China. CPU is China’s first independent school of pharmacy and it has been one of the best universities of pharmacy in China with a wide variety of specialized areas. It is one of the “211 project” key universities affiliated to the Ministry of Education of China. Pharmacy discipline ranks No. 1 and Traditional Chinese Pharmacy discipline ranks No. 3 according to the 2008 statistics of the Ministry of Education of China.

    Fees Structure

    Tuition Fee (RMB Per Year)

    Undergraduate Program: 19,000  ; Pharmacy: 25,000

    Undergraduate Program in English: 28,000

    Master’s Programs in Chinese: 25,000

    Master’s Programs in English: 32,000

    Doctoral Programs: 36,000

    Chinese Language Class and Short-Term Training program:

    Programs Costs
    Chinese Language Program Primary (One month) 2400
    Intermediate (Six months) 8400
    Advanced (One year) 14000
    Tai-Chi Program (Two weeks) 2400
    Traditional Chinese Medicine & Pharmacy Program (Two weeks) 3200
    Medical Diet Program (Two weeks) 3200
    Qigong Program (Two weeks) 2400
    Acupuncture Program (Two weeks) 3200
    Accommodation fee (Two weeks) 840


    Bachelor Degree Programs

    Pharmaceutical (English)
    Business Administration (Pharmaceutical)
    Clinical Pharmacy (5 Years)
    Economics (Pharmaceutical)
    English (Pharmaceutical)
    Food Quality and Safety
    Information Management and Information System (Pharmaceutical)
    International Economics and Trade (Pharmaceutical)
    Life Science and Technology (Rotation Class)
    Marine Pharmacy
    Marketing (Pharmaceutical)
    Pharmaceutical Administration
    Pharmaceutical Analysis
    Pharmaceutical Engineering
    Pharmaceutical Engineering
    Pharmaceutics of TCM
    Resource and Development of TCM
    Traditional Chinese Medicine
    Environment Science & Technology
    Pharmaceutical Chemistry

    Master Degree 3 years (taught in English)

    Chinese Herb Identification (in English)
    Clinical Pharmacy (in English)
    Pharmaceutical BioInformatics
    Pharmacognosy (in English)
    Pharmacology (in English)
    Pharmacology of Chinese Materia Medica (in English)
    Pharmacy (in English)
    Traditional Chinese Pharmaceutical Biotechnology (in English)
    Traditional Chinese Pharmaceutical Chemistry (in English)
    Traditional Chinese Pharmaceutics (in English)


    University supply international students for accommodation on campus, there is single room equipped with separate toilet, separate bathroom, broadband Internet Access, landline, air-conditioner, shared kitchen, washing machine and gym.

    Accommodation Fee for Degree Programs : 10800 per year; 900/month

    Accommodation Fee for Non-degree Programs (Two Weeks): 840

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