Beijing Language and Culture University (BLCU)

  • Beijing Language and Culture University (BLCU)

    Beijing Language and Culture University (BLCU)

    Total Students: 14,425
    International Students: 9,883
    Address: No.15, Xueyuan Road, Haidian District, Beijing City, China

    Beijing Language and Culture University is an international university where students from all over the world study together, and diversified cultures exchange with one another. Every foreigner that has studied Chinese has heard the name “Beijing Language and Culture University.” This school’s fame comes from the fact that it is China’s only university specifically designed to teach foreigners Chinese language and culture. This school has more international students than any other institution in China.

    1. Non-Degree Programs
    A. Chinese Regular course (20 hours per week)

    Duration Tuition/(RMB)
    Feb/Sep (one year) 23200
    Feb/Sep (one year – Chinese Painting & Calligraphy) 24900
    Feb/Sep (one semester) 11600
    Mar/Sep (12 weeks) 8300
    Jun/Jul (6 weeks) 4800
    Jul/Dec (5 weeks) 4200
    Jul/Aug (4 weeks) 3500

    B. Chinese Intensive course (30 hours per week)

    Duration Tuition/(RMB)
    Feb/Sep (one semester) 19100
    Mar/Sep (12 weeks) 12500
    Jul/Aug (4 weeks) 5300

    2. Degree Programs
    I. Chinese College Certificate programs (two years)

    Duration Tuition/ (RMB)
    Feb/Sep 23200

    II. B. A. Programs (four years)

    Duration Tuition/ (RMB)
    Feb/Sep — Chinese 23200
    Feb/Sep — Chinese/English Bilingual Studies 24900
    Feb/Sep — Chinese Painting & Calligraphy 24900
    Sep — International Economics and Trade (English) 24900

    III. M. A. Programs (three years)

    Duration Tuition/ (RMB)
    Sept 25700
    Sept — Literature and Art Studies (Chinese Calligraphy and Aesthetics) 30700


    • Option 1: International Students House (Building 17)

    Double Room

    Apartment double room is with an area of about 25 square meters, equipped with private bathroom, two single beds, desk, wardrobe, air conditioning, refrigerator, television, telephone, network interface and other equipment and facilities.

    Warm Hints:
    Room phone is 201 telephone c, you need to purchase 201 phone card in canteen and plug-in card for use.
    Please go to the campus network service center (beside the West Gate) to handle the network opened business before using the network.

    Accommodation Time Under 4 weeks 4 weeks to 6 weeks 12 weeks Above 20 weeks
    Charging Standard RMB 95 RMB 75 RMB 70 RMB 65
    • Option 2: Conference Centre (On-campus Hotel)

    The BLCU Conference Center is a 3-star hotel located in the heart of the BLCU campus. This accommodation includes everyday breakfast.

    Room Type Price(RMB/day) Facilities
    Economical single room 135 – 145 fine furniture, 24 hours hot water, bathroom, single bed, fridge, TV, air conditioner. phone (Phone bill not included), Internet access (fee not included), closet
    • Option 3: Housing Service Center
    Categories Building Room Type Price (RMB/Bed/Day) Facilities
    Middle-priced room buildings No. 7 &
    No. 8
    Single Room 90-120 TV, air-conditioner, ice-box, telephone, Internet, wall-closet, desk, chair, bed, bedding, public kitchen, etc.
    Luxury room buildings No. 4 Single Room 100-150 Same as above
    Double Room 56-80
    Small Double Room (Without Balcony) 54-80
    Luxury Double Room 65-80
    No. 6 Single Room 100-160 Same as above
    Small Single Room 80-120
    Double Room 50-80
    Suite 160-200

    Untuk informasi lebih lanjut Call Center di  021-66670070 atau untuk Registrasi online di

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